Sunday, May 07, 2006

Google Suggest

Google suggest
I have been a great fan of google suggest. It has also been one of the reasons for using firefox instead of IE. Google suggest was not available in earlier versions of google toolbar for IE. Today i found that it is also available in google news. It only supports english.
One more thing i like about firefox is that it renders text before loading images and animations. So if you find what you were looking for,  you don't have to wait for graphics to be loaded. It saves time.
Opera guys are doing great work. They are very innovative. It has lot of great features but there are many reasons why i don't use it -
1. Ctrl+ Enter is not available.
2. Google is supporting firefox a lot. When I heard the news that google had hired main developer of firefox I thought that they were going to develop a new browser but they hired him to develop toolbars and to support firefox.
3. Many sites do not support Opera. It is very frustrating when you find something interesting and your browser stops responding.
4. There are lot of extensions available for firefox.

So if you still don't use firefox, give it a try and I promise you would never use other browsers.