Monday, November 28, 2011

My Last Day at iGATE-Patni

Today is my last day at iGate-Patni.

I started working at iGate-Patni almost 3 years ago. After completing my training, I started working for a Big Auto Insurance client. I have been working for the same client since then.

I came to US last year to work at onsite. I have had a great time here and learned so much from the smart and passionate people I work with. While I am leaving, I continue to have a positive view of the company. I was part of their one of the high visibility projects which serves more than 2 million customers. Of course, there is never a good time to leave, but I feel a great sense of accomplishment releasing third version of the application. 

I appreciate the opportunities I have been given at iGATE-Patni and I would like to thank everyone for their help and support.

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